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How To Take Proper Care Of Screen Printed Hoodies

How To Take Proper Care Of Screen Printed Hoodies

If you’re a fan of buying band or big name youtuber merchandise chances are, you’ve probably come across a screen printed hoodie before. If you’re not sure what screen printing is, they’re a method used by clothing retailers to transfer designs (simple or complex) onto clothing. Usually, this results in a raised matte colored print that sits on the cloth. It’s different than stitching on designs and it’s cheaper to make, while also giving the retailer an ability to print much more complicated designs!

However, as screen printing is an external enhancement, it’s susceptible to damage such as cracking or fading overtime. Think of them almost like temporary tattoos. The higher quality ones can usually last longer, but there are also steps you can take to extend the lifespan of these prints and avoid the usual wear and tear that comes over time.

Today, we’ll be giving you advice on how to properly care for your screen printed hoodies so you can hopefully keep them around much longer!

Pick designs with less thin parts

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This isn’t exactly a way to care for your current hoodies as a general tip when buying screen printed clothes. In general, thin prints or lines are most likely to fall or crack overtime. These parts are quite delicate and even something as simple as rubbing those thin lines against something could cause it to fall off simply because there’s little surface area keeping it gripped to the material.

Therefore, buying designs with large areas of print that don’t feature too many thin lines will usually result in a longer lasting hoodie in great condition!

Store them away from direct sunlight

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The sun is pretty much our worst nightmare in many ways. You may laugh at the people who stay indoors and get as little sun as possible, but in reality, they’ve got the right idea there. While yes, the sun does help us as a source of vitamin D, too much of it can easily lead to damage even on the DNA level! 

Now if the sun can already do that much damage to us, just think of all the damage it can do on other things too! Sunlight exposure leads colors to fade overtime, the same can be said for your clothing. Not to mention the sun usually tends to heat things up when left in direct exposure to it, so your screen printed clothing can and will get warm, dry out and be further at risk of cracking! 

So, if you want to keep those hoodies around longer, make sure you keep them safe from the sun and store them somewhere safe!

Keep them inside out when washing

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During a wash cycle, clothes end up tumbling around rubbing up against one another. Since the screen printed material is a slightly raised texture on the surface of your hoodie, this rubbing against other clothes leaves it more at risk of getting scrubbed off or scratched!

By turning the hoodies inside out while washing them, the material won’t rub against as much and something as simple as this can greatly extend the lifespan of your hoodie!

Use Gentle Detergents with your screen printed clothing

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Chemicals can obviously result in damage to your clothes. A detergent's entire job is to get rid of stains and dirt that get trapped on the surface or in between the seams of your clothes; and unfortunately, detergents can’t tell the difference between screen printed materials and grime. Using gentle detergents are less likely to negatively affect your screen printed clothes.

Use Low temperatures when washing screen printed clothes

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Heating up screen printed clothes could potentially result in cracking or causing the print to start to un-attach itself from the clothing material. Therefore, by washing them at lower temperatures, you’re less likely to run into these problems. In general, it’s best to keep your screen printed clothes from getting too warm or hot to extend the life of your print in general!

Air dry or use low heat when tumble drying (also inside out)

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Air drying your screen printed hoodie is most recommended when cleaning them. Like mentioned before, heating up the design can easily cause it to flake or become unattached to the hoodie material; therefore by air drying it in a place (away from direct sunlight) it doesn’t have to heat up so much and it won’t end up tumbling and rubbing against other clothes either!

While this method may mean your hoodie will take longer to dry it, the hoodie’s lifespan is sure to thank you.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you! Now that you know how to take better care of your hoodie, why not get one today? Click here to shop now!

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